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Norway: Svalbard Archipelago- Search for Polar Bears 8/16/19
Lapland: Finland: Winter Wonderland with Northern Lights 5/20/17
USA:California:Huge Pod of Dolphins and some Gray Whales! 1/16/17
Maldives: LUX South Ari- Adventures in Paradise- VIDEO 7/12/16
Antarctica: VIDEO: Camping in the Snow and Ice 1/25/15
Antarctica: VIDEO: Kayaking with Whales and Penguins! 1/18/15
French Polynesia: Scuba Diving Video with Sharks in Moorea 1/2/15
Turkey: VIDEO: Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia 9/11/14
Turkey: Pammukale: Cleopatra Swam in These Thermal Waters 9/5/14
Turkey: Cappadocchia: Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride to Caves 9/4/14
Turkey: Istanbul: Even the New Mosque is Old!--FOODIE ALERT 8/30/14
Germany: Munich: Augustineer, Sausage and Castles 8/29/14
Austria: Salzburg: Mozart's Home and Delicious Chocolate 8/27/14
Germany: Berlin: Uber Cool Artsy Alternative Walking Tour 8/24/14
Germany: No Hamburgers in Hamburg! 8/21/14
Germany: Traveling Up the Romantic Rhine — FOODIE ALERT 8/18/14
Germany: Stuttgart: Heiko and the Huge Hohenzollern Castle 8/17/14
Germany: Moseying Along the Mosel Wine Valley 8/14/14
Germany:Dusseldorf: Crazy Trains and Rental Car Disasters 8/13/14
Netherlands: Amsterdam: Cheesy Bikes Along the Waterways 8/12/14
England/Netherlands: Crossing the English Channel on Stena 8/10/14
England: Essex County: Friends and a 500 Year Old Farm House 8/10/14
England: Salisbury/Oxford: Am I Too Old to Apply to Oxford? 8/5/14
England: Stonehenge: Breaking Rules Not Budgets! 8/4/14
Iceland: Reykjavik: Last Day at the Blue Lagoon 8/3/14
Iceland: Glaciers, Puffins and More Glaciers! 8/2/14
Southern Iceland: Land of Rainbows and Waterfalls 8/1/14
Iceland: Reykjavik and the Golden Circle in One Day 7/31/14
Belize: Awesome Scuba Video! Underwater in Belize 2/1/14
Guatemala/Belize: Beautiful Jungles, Caves and Wildcats 1/25/14
Belize: Um. . . What the Heck is a Mennonite? 1/25/14
Madagascar: Antanarivo: Last Day For An Open Air Market Day 11/23/13
Madagascar: Nosy Be: Pure Island Paradise 11/22/13
Madagascar: Nosy Be: Almost Eaten By a Whale Shark! 11/21/13
Madagascar: Nosy Be: A Day at Nosy Tanikely 11/20/13
Madagascar: Nosy Be: Was That a Furless Madagascar Kitten!? 11/19/13
Madagascar: Tana: Monday Market with Milne-Edwards-- FOODIE 11/18/13
Madagascar: We’ve Struck GOLD. . . en Bamboo Lemur! 11/17/13
Madagascar: Flora and Ranomafana 11/16/13
Madagascar: Reserve d'Anja and the Ring-Tailed Lemur 11/15/13
Madagascar: Crazy Colorful Chameleons 11/14/13
Madagascar: Lemurs in the Trees, on the Ground, on my Head! 11/13/13
Madagascar: Tana: Coquerel's Sifakas and the Croc Farm 11/12/13
Kenya:Nairobi National Park: Birds, Baboons and Baby Animals 11/11/13
Kenya: South Narok: Practicing Dermatology in the Mara 11/10/13
USA: Alaska: Top 20 Reasons to Visit Alaska! 6/1/13
Canada: Sea Day to Vancouver! 5/31/13
USA: Alaska: Low wo-Man on the Ketchikan Totem Pole 5/30/13
USA: Juneau we’re going to see some bald eagles! --- FOODIE 5/29/13
USA: Skagway, Alaska: Mini Bus Gold Rush 5/28/13
USA: Amazing Day in Glacier Bay with Ruby the Otter Spotter! 5/27/13
USA: Alaska: . . and what will you be having sir? – Hubbard 5/26/13
USA: Alaska: 6 Month Wedding Anniversary! 5/25/13
USA: Alaska: Talkative New Yorkers in Anchorage 5/24/13
Mexico: Cancun: Paradise and Ancient Ruins 2/3/13
Puerto Rico: Old San Juan: Sentry Boxes and Sangria 3/31/12
Puerto Rico: From Scuba to Old San Juan---FOODIE ALERT 3/30/12
Puerto Rico: Ponce: Diving for Skateparks--- FOODIE ALERT 3/29/12
Puerto Rico: Vieques: Snorkeling with Squid at Secret Beach 3/28/12
Puerto Rico: Vieques:Black Sand and White Tony--FOODIE ALERT 3/27/12
Puerto Rico: Vieques: Bioluminescent Magic 3/26/12
Puerto Rico: El Yunque: Lookout Tower of Water 3/25/12
Puerto Rico: Isn't life Gran? 3/24/12
Costa Rica: Arenal/San Jose:Goodbye to a View of the Volcano 2/4/12
Costa Rica: Cano Negro: Howler Monkeys & Camouflaged Caiman 2/3/12
Costa Rica: Arenal:Sloth Sighting Among Volcanic Hot Springs 2/2/12
Costa Rica: Monteverde: Quest for a Quetzal 2/1/12
Costa Rica: Tamarindo: Partying until the Moonset 1/31/12
USA: Miami: Layover for Conch and Indian Food—FOODIE ALERT 11/3/11
Ecuador: Quito: The Equatorial Egg Master 11/2/11
Ecuador: Amazon: Trek to Civilization 11/1/11
Ecuador: Amazon: Scariest Halloween Ever!! 10/31/11
Ecuador: Amazon: A Witch Doctor with Limon Ants on Yucca 10/30/11
Ecuador: Amazon: Bright Red Eyes Under a Bright Red Sky 10/29/11
Galapagos: Santa Cruz: Sad Tortoises and Sad Goodbyes 10/28/11
Ecuador:Galapagos:Floreana:Playful Peguinos Party with Pedro 10/27/11
Ecuador: Galapagos: Tony No Hablo Espanola 10/26/11
Ecuador: Galapagos: Head North to Seymour Frigates 10/25/11
Ecuador:Galapagos:Sierra Negra: Calderas and La Concha Perla 10/24/11
Ecuador: Galapagos: Isabela : Swimming with Sea Lions 10/23/11
Ecuador: Galapagos Islands: Isabela: Destination Difficult 10/22/11
USA: New York: Happy Birthday Ruby 10/21/11
USA: Indiana: South Bend: Vicki and Brett's Wedding 7/21/11
USA: New York:Newton’s Big Apple Has Hit the Ground 5/26/11
Spain: Sevilla: We are coming home and Happy Birthday Preet! 5/25/11
Spain: Sevilla: Friends, Fresh Olive Oil and Flamenco 5/24/11
Spain: Sevilla: Tangier to Tapas 5/23/11
Morocco: Marrakesh: Exotic Spices, Soaps and Scrubs 5/22/11
Morocco: Marrakesh:Ten Tagines Just to Start---FOODIE ALERT 5/21/11
Morocco: Tangier: Back on Africa Time! 5/20/11
Spain: Marabella: Wandering the Streets ---FOODIE ALERT 5/19/11
Spain: Marabella: In Europe the Customer is Always Wrong 5/18/11
Spain: Granada: Red Wine and Red Castles ---FOODIE ALERT 5/17/11
Spain: Granada: The Maze of the Albayzin ---FOODIE ALERT 5/16/11
Spain: Granada:Who Eats an Apple Vertically? ---FOODIE ALERT 5/15/11
Spain: Madrid: Another Earthly Delight---FOODIE ALERT 5/14/11
Spain: Madrid: Killing the Night! 5/13/11
Egypt: Cairo: Go Taxi Go to the Go Bus! 5/12/11
Egypt: Sharm el-Sheikh: Seeing Blue in the Red Sea 5/11/11
Egypt:Sharm el-Sheikh: Odds Are 10 to 1 on a Good Dive Shop 5/10/11
Egypt:Sharm El-Sheikh:A Burning Desire to Reach the Red Sea 5/9/11
Egypt: Luxor: These Buses Are Giving Me a Karnak Headache 5/8/11
Egypt: Luxor: Valley of the Kings and a Cross Dressing Queen 5/7/11
Egypt: Edfu:Birthing Chairs, Surgeries, and a Water Elevator 5/6/11
Egypt: Aswan: Ramses the II’s 64th Wife 5/5/11
Egypt: Aswan: Cracked Obelisks and Dam Boats 5/4/11
Egypt: Giza: Camel Rugs, Camel Rides and Claustrophobia 5/3/11
Egypt: Cairo: Ancient Egyptian History 101 5/2/11
Egypt: Cairo: Taxi to Tahrir Square 5/1/11
England: London: Sharon to the Rescue with Secret Cinema 4/30/11
France: Grenoble: Eggs up to the Bastille 4/29/11
France: Lyon and an African Zoo 4/28/11
France: Grenoble: A Bistro, Wine and Sunshine 4/27/11
France:La Corno d’Oh My Gosh & Undercooked Pigeon--FOODIE 4/26/11
France: Grenoble: At the Fort We Let Our Guard Down 4/25/11
France: Grenoble: Easter Egg Hunt 4/24/11
England:London: We Need a Swiss Watch to Keep Track of Time! 4/23/11
England: London: Kilimanjaro…seen it! A View from Above 4/22/11
Kenya/Tanzania: Tony the Tout Magnet 4/21/11
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa: Washing Off the Dust of the Danakil 4/20/11
Ethiopia: Danakil Depression: Surreal Sulfur Salt Flats 4/19/11
Ethiopia: Danakil Depression: Volcanic Blisters 4/18/11
Ethiopia: Danakil Depression: Nightmares and Dreamscapes 4/17/11
Ethiopia: Danakil Depression: I Think We Just Hit a Donkey! 4/16/11
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa: Taxing Deadlines 4/15/11
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa: Decision Time—FOODIE ALERT 4/14/11
Ethiopia: Addis: Lucy Was Easier to Find Than Gashu! 4/13/11
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa: FOODIE Alert with a Show! 4/12/11
Ethiopia:A-hope this Minibus is Going in the Right Direction 4/11/11
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa: Please Addis to Your Danakil Tour! 4/10/11
Kenya: Nairobi: Ruby and the Elephant Foot!--FOODIE ALERT 4/9/11
Kenya: Nairobi: Bead Factory Bingo!--FOODIE ALERT 4/8/11
Kenya: Nairobi's Only Punjabi Dermatologist--FOODIE ALERT 4/7/11
Tanzania: Arusha: Will This Dirt Road Take Us to Kenya? 4/6/11
Tanzania: Ngorongoro Crater: Black Rhinos and Red Ox-Peckers 4/5/11
Tanzania:Sunrise over the Serengeti and Sunset at the Crater 4/4/11
Tanzania:Serengeti Natl Park:If I See One More Lazy Leopard! 4/3/11
Tanzania: Serengeti Nat’l Park: Animal Viagra 4/2/11
Tanzania: Moshi: Dermatology Near an Elusive Mountain 4/1/11
Tanzania: Arusha: Safari Hunting 3/31/11
Tanzania: Arusha: You smell like a Fairy . . . Boat! 3/30/11
Tanzania: Zanzibar: Scuba Did 3/29/11
Tanzania: Zanzibar: Update Day Online—FOODIE ALERT 3/28/11
Tanzania:Zanzibar:Spice Tour & Attack of the Killer Coconut! 3/27/11
Tanzania: Quick! Follow Those Touts to Zanzibar! 3/26/11
South Africa: Early Awakenings and Mission Accomplished 3/25/11
South Africa:The Southernmost Point in Africa 3/24/11
South Africa: Gordon's Bay: Brai with Old and New Friends 3/23/11
South Africa: Cape of Good Hope There’s a Restroom There 3/22/11
South Africa:Gordons Bay:Pleeease, Can I Have a Pet Penguin? 3/21/11
South Africa:Franschoek: Ultimate Cure--Carrot Cake & Wine! 3/20/11
South Africa: Hooked on Franschoek 3/19/11
South Africa: Heading Southwest 3/18/11
South Africa: Johannesburg: The Rise and Fall of Humanity 3/17/11
South Africa: The Panoramic Route with a Garbled Garmin 3/16/11
South Africa: I Always Wondered What Rhino Skin Felt Like. . 3/15/11
South Africa: Kruger Park: Back Up. . I think I See a Rhino! 3/14/11
South Africa: Kruger Natl Park: It’s Okay He's Not in Musk 3/13/11
South Africa: Johannesburg: A Pseudo-Menacing Mantis 3/12/11
Hong Kong: Over Budget and Over Packed! 3/11/11
Hong Kong: Consumerism at Its Worst 3/10/11
Hong Kong: Ladies Market – Tony Holding the Bag! :) 3/9/11
Hong Kong: Two Americans Eating Italian food in Hong Kong 3/8/11
Thailand: Bangkok: Shopping ‘til We’re Sick 3/7/11
Thailand: Bangkok: Weekend Markup! 3/6/11
Thailand: Khao Lak: Similar in the Similans 3/5/11
Thailand: Khao Lak: Chasing Funds 3/4/11
Thailand: Memoirs of a City Bus—FOODIE ALERT 3/3/11
Thailand:Superdive Day at a Wreck, Anemone Reef &Shark Point 3/2/11
Thailand: Ao Nang Beach: Snorkeling Phi Phi 3/1/11
Thailand: Ao Nang Beach: Hot Sunny Searching 2/28/11
Thailand: Crabby On Our Way to Krabi 2/27/11
Cambodia: Siem Reap: A Concert at the Bayon Temple 2/26/11
Cambodia: Siem Reap: Talented Orphans and a ---FOODIE ALERT 2/25/11
Cambodia: Siem Reap: Angkor What? 2/24/11
Thailand-Cambodia: Welcome to Scam-bodia –FOODIE ALERT 2/23/11
Thailand: Bangkok: All Budda-d Out---FOODIE ALERT 2/22/11
Thailand: Clearly Newbies in Bangkok 2/21/11
Thailand: Bangkok: Tuk-Tuk, Tuk-Tuk, Tuk-Tuk? 2/20/11
India: Mumbai: Paying for the Sangria 2/19/11
India: Mumbai: Lightening the Load—FOODIE ALERT 2/18/11
India:Mischievous Monkeys in Elephant Caves--FOODIE ALERT 2/17/11
India: Goa: Epileptic Flamingos on a Train 2/16/11
India: Goa: Yoga and Yummy Food---FOODIE ALERT 2/15/11
India: Goa: Valentine’s Day—FOODIE ALERT 2/14/11
India: Goa: Hello to the Queen 2/13/11
India: No sleep till Goa! 2/12/11
India: Munnar: Tea in Two States 2/11/11
India: The Not So Direct Bus to Munnar 2/10/11
India: Kovalam: It’s a Good Thing Tony Holds the Purse! 2/9/11
India: Trivandrum: Heading South 2/8/11
India: Chandigarh: Our Bags are Getting Heavier! 2/7/11
India: Chandigarh: A Family Reunion Day 2/6/11
India: Chandigarh: Tony’s Taking Notes 2/5/11
India: Chandigarh: Akhand Path to Family 2/4/11
India: Chandigarh: Girls Day of Shopping and Salons 2/3/11
India: Amritsar: The Golden Temper 2/2/11
India: Chandigarh: Shop ‘Til You Drop 2/1/11
India: Chandigarh: Meet the Parents 1/31/11
India: Shimla: A Hypothermic Himalayan Horseride 1/30/11
India: Jaipur: An Elephant Ride up to Amber 1/29/11
India:An Elephant Inside an Elephant Inside an Elephant 1/28/11
India: Agra: Tourist Price for Tony at the Taj 1/27/11
India: Republic Day in Delhi 1/26/11
Indonesia: Bali: Sad Goodbye to Indonesia . . Hello India! 1/25/11
Indonesia: I think a Manta Ray was Swimming in Our Room! 1/24/11
Indonesia: Nusa Lembongan: Superheroes Adrift 1/23/11
Indonesia: Nusa Lembongan: What’s Sarong with Us? 1/22/11
Indonesa: Bali: 75 Shirtless Men and a Monkey! 1/21/11
Bali:It’s Hard to Relax with Karate on My Back!—FOODIE ALERT 1/20/11
Bali:Eat at Warungs,Pray you dont get sick and Love the Food 1/19/11
Singapore . . . and We Even Squeezed in a Samosa 1/18/11
Singapore: Closed for Spring Cleaning 1/17/11
Australia: Sydney: Dina Déjà vu 1/16/11
Australia, Sydney: Bubble Day -- Soap and Champagne! 1/15/11
Australia: Sydney: A Manly Ferry—FOODIE ALERT 1/14/11
Australia: Sydney: Dinner with a View of the Harbor Bridge 1/13/11
Australia: In Deep Water at Maze Correctional Facility 1/12/11
Australia: Brisbane: House Arrest 1/11/11
Australia: Brisbane: Aussie Aussie Aussie! Rain Rain Rain! 1/10/11
Australia: Brisbane:A Very Aussie Anniversary --FOODIE ALERT 1/9/11
Australia:Follow the Gold Coast to the Wallaby Winery 1/8/11
Australia: Guacamole on the Gold Coast 1/7/11
Australia: Brisbane Rest and Recover 1/6/11
Australia: Hunter Valley: Sick as Dogs 1/5/11
In Transit: Adios South America, G'Day Australia! 1/4/11
Brazil: Sao Paolo: Eager Beaver Saves the Day 1/3/11
Brazil: Rio: A Whole Lot of Ugly 1/2/11
Brazil: Rio: A New Year with Old Habits 1/1/11
Brazil: Rio: The Sky Looks Bright for 2011 12/31/10
Brazil: Rio: A-mir 24 hours Until New Years--FOODIE ALERT 12/30/10
Brazil: Rio: Lost on our Way to Lapa 12/29/10
Brazil: Ilha Grande: Lopes Mendes is Not Just a Name 12/28/10
Brazil: Ilha Grande: The Blue Lagoon 12/27/10
Ilha Grande: Charades--Your Phrase: Karate-Chop Pineapple 12/26/10
Brazil: Paraty: I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas! 12/25/10
Brazil: Paraty: Uba-Too Many Buses! 12/24/10
Brazil: Iguazu Falls: The Toucan Says Our Itinerary is Crazy 12/23/10
Argentina: Iguazu Falls: Wet T-Shirt Contest 12/22/10
Argentina: Ruby Falls for Spice in Iguazu --FOODIE ALERT 12/21/10
Argentina: The Quickest Way From Point A to B is NOT a Bus 12/20/10
Argentina: G-Oucho I'm Sore! 12/19/10
Argentina: Bland Bus Food 12/18/10
Argentina: Mendoza: Lost in Lujan 12/17/10
Argentina: Mendoza: Buses, Bicycles and Bodegas! 12/16/10
Argentina: Mendoza: Doctor Recommended Dose of Fruit 12/15/10
Argentina: On The Road Again 12/14/10
Argentina: R&R u ready to come out for a drink? 12/13/10
Argentina: So long Sutos! 12/12/10
Argentina: Skateboarding Penguinos in Palermo 12/11/10
Argentina: Send off for the Northern Beavers! 12/10/10
Argentina: Man Down---FOODIE ALERT 12/9/10
Argentina: Buenos Aires: It takes Six to Tango 12/8/10
Uruguay: Satiated with Sangria 12/7/10
So a Canadian, Australian and American walk onto a ship. . . 12/6/10
Cruising: Bounced Around Like a Ping-Pong Ball 12/5/10
Cruising: Tandoori Chicken of the Sea 12/4/10
Chile: Around the Cape 12/3/10
Argentina:Avenue of Glaciers leading to the End of the World 12/2/10
Chile: Patagonian Penguins 12/1/10
Chile: We aren’t blue that it's overcast 11/30/10
Chile: I didn’t know Darwin liked Beagles? 11/29/10
Chile: Once upon a time. . . in the lakes district 11/28/10
Chile: All the comforts of home—and then some! 11/27/10
Chile: All aboard—don’t forget your meclizine! 11/26/10
Chile:Do you think they’ll have Turkey Ceviche? 11/25/10
No little green men. .maybe a little green around the gills 11/24/10
Peru: A Smell Worth Missing the Bus For 11/23/10
Peru: Ceviche and Skateboarding—FOODIE ALERT 11/21/10
Peru: Bus ride and a Burger the Size of Your Head 11/20/10
Peru: Taquile---not to be confused with Tequila 11/19/10
Peru: Floating Islands and Fiestas in Funny Outfits 11/19/10
Peru: Roadblocks can’t stop us! 11/17/10
Peru: Mucho Machu 11/17/10
Peru: Two Guinea pigs in Cuzco---FOODIE ALERT 11/16/10
Peru: Sick and Tired 11/14/10
Ecuador: Red Eye Bus Ride 11/13/10
Ecuador: Butterflies, Toucans, Spectacled Bears oh my! 11/12/10
Ecuador: Amateur Ornithologists 11/12/10
Who’s booking these flights anyway? 11/11/10
Bonaire: Wash and Walk 11/10/10
Bonaire: Broccoli cappuccino! —FOODIE ALERT 11/9/10
Bonaire: Hi hottie, wanna ride? 11/8/10
Bonaire: Certified ChaCha 11/8/10
Bites and Beer 11/6/10
Bonaire: Scuba and Spaghetti 11/5/10
Bonaire: Keep your eyes peeled for flying flamingos! 11/4/10
Danke wal Bonaire! 11/3/10
Dead in Dallas (not really) 11/2/10
Dallas: Packing and Repacking and Packing and Repacking. . . 11/1/10
Land of the Froudes 10/30/10
October 29, 2010 10/29/10
Ruby’s Narcolepsy 10/29/10
San Jose, CA 9/18/10