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Hong Kong: Over Budget and Over Packed!

March 11, 2011

overcast 68 °F

We started our day once again by packing our bags, showering, and prepping for another night of travel. We are getting good at this but Ruby keeps buying stuff to test if Tony will be able to fit just one more thing in the bags? Well the bags are holding strong and the only zipper that broke is the one on the outside of Ruby’s bag and we should be able to fit one or two more pairs of shoes! :) We took the subway over to the ladies market and started with a lunch at McD’s. Yea, we know fast food again! Ruby haggled with people so hard that I would see them cursing us on our way out. Well, it was a long day and after two trips to the ATM we’re clearly over our daily budget. And with no more room in Tony’s arms for bags we started on our way home. On the subway home we stopped at Beard Papa for delicious cream puffs. We were exhausted and broke! So we chose the easiest and cheapest option for getting to the airport—the A21 bus! At the airport we had the best Asian food we’ve had in Hong Kong; it was a noodle spot that was so yummy that we almost have to give our first airport FOODIE alert. We hopped on a plane and caught up on some movies while drinking wine. Ruby loved Black Swan and Tony watched just about every bad comedy available on our way to a new continent. Sadly, we heard the news about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan just as we were leaving.


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Hong Kong: Consumerism at Its Worst

March 10, 2011

semi-overcast 68 °F

We have to admit that after all this travelling in third world countries the indulgences of Hong Kong are almost nauseating. The culture is so materialistic, you can find a Rolex shop on every corner, malls galore and every high-end brand name store you could possibly think of. I know what you’re thinking girls, this may sound awesome, but after 2 months in South America and almost 2 months in Southeast Asia it’s hard to spend $1000 USD on one bag or a pair of shoes when you have witnessed how far that money can go elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that we’re not going to shop while we’re here but we’re not going to buy anything that we can easily get back home. We decided to check out another side of town and ended up at a cute vintage boutique where Ruby picked up a couple of sweaters and then we headed to IBC shopping center. This area was far too expensive in every sense—the food, wine and clothing. We would recommend going for the happy hour specials but we didn’t stick around long enough. One of the girls introduced Ruby to Tony’s worst nightmare: 5 floors of pure discount women’s shopping. We’re talking aisles and aisles of shoes, bags, dresses and accessories. After a few hours Tony’s eyes were glazed over and every time Ruby asked his opinion he answered with a simple “if you like it buy it, if you don’t, let’s go”. Tony is ordinarily the best shopping buddy but even he has limits and we definitely exceeded those today! This place would be dangerous if Ruby went there with Hong or Wikki! Afterwards Tony needed some fresh air so we went out to explore the harbor with its skyscrapers. It was a lot colder than we thought as we walked around the waterfront at night. Tony showed off his Spiderman skills on some angled buttresses near the clock tower before we headed to bed.


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Hong Kong: Ladies Market – Tony Holding the Bag! :)

March 9, 2011

overcast 69 °F

We got up today and looked at some recs from Ruby’s friends Helen and Hong on shopping and food in the area. We noticed that Helen had recommended Tsui Wah Restaurant which was just around the corner. We started with something different; spicy rack of lamb curry! YUM! It was hilarious to see what they thought American grilling was all about--notice the hot dog in the pile of meat! It’s colder outside than we thought it would be so Tony ran upstairs to get a coat for Ruby. We got a little separated and lost each other for a few but we managed to meet up and took the subway to Mong Kok. This is a little cheaper, outdoor market area with a “Ladies Market” specializing in everything Ruby! :) We (Ruby) walked around buying bags and shoes until the market started closing and we got too hungry to keep going. Add another dinner at McD’s to our around the world trip! We stopped at a local Asian food spot but it was a little too Asian for us! We then started walking back to our hotel but didn’t make it very far. After a full day of walking around it’s hard to walk when the buses keeps driving by! Now we’re busy updating the blog, we know we’re running behind a little bit but it’s hard to find reliable internet in some of these places! :)


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Hong Kong: Two Americans Eating Italian food in Hong Kong

March 8, 2011

overcast 68 °F

Today we had to get into another minibus-- this time on our way to the airport. If traveling around Asia has taught us anything it’s that no seat goes unsold and when it comes to a minibus that means the bags go under your feet or on your lap! So Ruby squeezed into the back and Tony was in front with the bags. The airport was easy to navigate and our flight from Bangkok was pretty smooth and uneventful, just the way we like it! We arrived into Hong Kong not familiar with the layout of the city so we stopped to ask the tourist office for the best way to our hotel on Kowloon Island. Getting around is easy with most subway and bus maps in English. The A21 is around $5 US and takes around 30 minutes to get into central Kowloon. We were pleasantly surprised with cheapest hotel on hotels.com ($40/night). The location is great and the rooms are clean and newly remodeled. It’s actually located inside one of the “Chungking mansions—this one is Mirador Mansion” so it’s a little sketchy at night but it’s located just on top of a subway stop and in the best part of town for shopping (which may not be the best for Tony or the budget)! We put our stuff away and walked around to explore some of the crazy malls in the area. This town is a shoppers dream! It was a little late and lucky for us all the stores were closed. We stopped for an amazing dinner with 3 types of pastas mmmmm! I know what you’re thinking “you’re in Asia; shouldn’t you be eating Asian food”? No! We are just about noodle-d out, Buddha-d out, and through looking at temples for a bit! At the beginning of this trip we might have complained about the rock hard bed . . . but it’s been a long day of traveling and it feels like a cloud!


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