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Canada: Sea Day to Vancouver!

May 31-June 1 2013

overcast 65 °F

If you've never been on a cruise you're probably wondering what do I do on a sea day?

Well, there's lots to do on the ship including explore the art galleries, drink champagne, eat delicious desserts, hit the spa or gym, play boards games, read, gamble, swim, shop, get dolled up for a formal night or just veg out for a day with nowhere to go and nothing you have to do. Cruiseships always try to make sea days fun by adding extra activities like an ice sculpting demos or serving moose chilli (yes, moose) on the deck to draw people out. . . and yes Bullwinkle was delicious! :)


We love sea days so that we can take a break between port days (which we always fill with a hectic schedule hoping to explore every inch of whatever port we visit)! We save exploring the ship for the sea days.

On this last sea day we saw lots of wildlife as we made our way down to Vancouver, including a whale waving hello with his pectoral fin and more whale tails but most of all we just used it as a chance to slow down and enjoy the day for ourselves. . .the vistas weren't too bad either!


The ship dropped us off in Vancouver, BC, and even though we've both been there before we couldn't resist a little visit to Stanley Park. We took a local bus to the park and walked around practicing taking photos of everyday things like a log, Canadian geese, a waterfall.


At the end we just sat and listened to a woman play her (what-we-think was) a guqin or other asian string instrument before lugging our bags to the airport and heading on to our 2nd home--the SF Bay Area.


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