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Danke wal Bonaire!

November 3, 2010

storm 86 °F
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We finally got a flight out on one of the smallest planes in the Caribbean. As I walked past the window of our 15 passenger Cessna I overheard the pilot saying “what airline are we flying for?” This may have bothered some people but after traveling for what felt like weeks all I could think about was getting to Bonaire and taking a shower. The flight only took about 15 minutes but Ruby had no problem quickly falling asleep in this loud uncomfortably small airplane! We finally arrived at our hotel the Caribbean Club a little after midnight and for the first time in weeks we got a full night sleep! :)


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Dead in Dallas (not really)

November 2, 2010

storm 86 °F
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After a night of drinking most of Ronnie’s Chilean wine collection we started off on our adventure. Up painfully early (4am) for a flight out of Dallas heading to our first stop: Bonaire. This flight was purchased separate from our around the world tickets and had SEVERAL layovers. One in North Carolina, Aruba, and a four hour delayed stay in Curacao where we met our new friends Suzette and Jon while commiserating at the bar. We are realizing that our over-stuffed carry-ons are too much for multiple layovers, small planes and three separate customs checkpoints! Over the next few weeks we will try to make adjustments to lighten the load. By the way I think that means that I will be giving up some of my stuff so that Ruby can move some items into my bag! :)


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